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Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. Education, University of New Hampshire                                                     2012

M.Sc. Experiential Education, Minnesota State University                                   2004

Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Lakehead University                       1999

B.A. Geography Major, Lakehead University                                                          1999                                                               


Academic & Professional Work



College Director                                                                                     2020-Present

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD)                     Fredericton, NB  


Dean, Strategic Initiatives and Learning Transformation               2016-2020

Coast Mountain College                                                                       Terrace, BC  


Not-For-Profit General Manager                                                         2014-2016

Path of the Paddle Association                                                           Thunder Bay, ON                                                                                     

Assistant Professor (Acting Director), Education Department       2012-2014 (2013-2014)

Ambrose University                                                                               Calgary, AB

Instructor, Workplace Essential Skills Course                                   2011-2012

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies                               Prince Albert, SK


Instructor/Research Assistant/Graduate Assistant                          2007-2010

University of New Hampshire                                                              Durham, NH


Program Facilitator                                                                                2007-2010

The Browne Center for Innovative Learning                                     Durham, NH


Program Director/Instructor (B.A. Recreation Leadership)             2001-2006

Briercrest College                                                                                  Caronport, SK

Cross Canada Paddler & Motivational Speaker                                1999-2001

Many Waters Expedition                                                                       Parry Sound, ON


Business Owner, Canoe-tripping company for children                 1995-1998

FROG Expeditions                                                                                  Parry Sound, ON


College Director, Fredericton, 2020-Present

  • Strategic Leadership - Creation and stewardship of strategic plan

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership - initiating a taskforce, facilitating EDI and gender training, hiring an Elder-in-Residence and Indigenous Access Coordinator

  • Finances - oversight of budget to ensure value for learners ($5M) - prior to my leadership the college had a chronic deficit (3% (2017-18), 8% (2018-19) & 10.5% (2019-2020) - in my 2 years I produced a smaller than expected deficit (1%  in 2020-21 and the first surplus (6%) in 5 years in 2021-22 while in a pandemic  

  • Coaching and Developing Others (7 direct reports, 65 indirect reports) including: Academic Dean, Manager, Finance & Administration, and Student Services Manager)

  • Building Organizational Talent - strategically recruited 5 senior managers (3 internal, 2 external), determined talent gaps and created 4 new positions

  • Operations - oversight of campuses and leased spaces, navigating operations in an in-person studio-based college during covid, propose capital projects, oversight of introduction of new Learning Management System and new Student Information System

  • Academic Quality & Contribution - created a Learning Design Centre, offered one new program (Foundation Visual Arts Online), and revamped quality assurance processes

  • Student Success - strengthened supports to students through the addition of a Learning Strategist and Universal Design of Learning Specialist, brought admissions inhouse from a provincially centralized system, created a Strategic Enrollment Management plan that has seen a 30% increase in new students


Dean, Strategic Initiatives/Learning Transformation, Terrace, BC, 2016-2020

  • Responsible for the Institutional Strategic Plan in terms of supporting, coaching and accountability for each member of the Collaborative Administrative Team (CAT) including Executive as well as reporting to the Board of Governors.

  • Oversee Centre of Learning Transformation (COLT), Applied Research, Libraries, Emerging Technology, Open Education Resources and Work Integrated Learning

  • Budget Management ($1.3M)

  • Staff Management (6 direct reports, 13 indirect reports): Director, Applied Research, Libraries & Emerging Technology, 3 Faculty (Learning Transformation Specialists); Learning Technologist; and, Administrative Assistant

  • Resource Acquisition: Raised over $250K in external funding in the last year ($227K for Work Integrated Learning; $37K for Open Education Research; $8K Teaching Fellowship)

  • Oversee Quality Assurance Processes including Program Review Policy and Procedures; Education Council; Program and Course curriculum design for new and existing programs (75+ Programs)

  • Faculty Development (100+ instructors).  COLT engaged 92% of Instructors for an average of 27 hours of engagement per participating instructor in such endeavours as Paddles and Pedagogy, Yurt teaching lab, 'Eat, Share, Grow - on teaching international students', classroom observations, one to one meetings & coaching, community of practice and courses in teaching and learning.


​General Manager, Path of the Paddle Association, Thunder Bay, ON, 2014-2016

  • Working closely with and for the Board of Governors

  • Budget Management ($333K)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Trail Development and Maintenance (1200km Water Trail from Manitoba border to Thunder Bay, ON)

  • Marketing

  • Staff Management (1 administrative assistant, 2 summer students, various consultants)

  • Networking, Community Relations and Partnership Building

Acting Director, Education Program, Ambrose University College, Calgary, AB, 2013-2014

  • Budget management ($486K)

  • Program Advisory Council

  • Faculty Management (11 faculty)

  • Admissions

  • Student advising (45 students)

  • Field Education School Relations

  • Strategic Planning (Tuition Review, Curriculum Development, Field Education)

  • Event Management (Student Orientations, Field Education Orientations, Program Days, Graduation Banquet)

  • Promotion and public relations work


Program Director, Recreation Leadership Program, Briercrest College, Caronport, SK


  • Staff Management (1 field trip coordinator, 1 administrative assistant)

  • Equipment purchasing & maintenance

  • Budget management

  • Promotion & public relations work

  • Risk management (plan, policy and implementation)

  • Student advising (50 students enrolled in program on average/year)

  • Organizing annual ‘Camp Days’ conference for 50+ western camps

  • Overseeing indoor climbing wall, ice climbing wall, and bouldering cave

  • Facilitating internship experiences for students     


Innovative Teaching Projects


Coast Mountain College (2018-2020)

In March 2018, January 2019 and Feb. 2020, I have led groups of 10 instructors on a professional development course in experiential place-based education called 'Paddles and Pedagogy'. The course takes place as 6 day sea kayaking trips out of La Paz, Mexico. One instructor's comments on the learning: "Paddles and Pedagogy was legitimately a transformative experience for me as an instructor. It really brought into focus the flaws of conventional teaching practices and highlighted the advantages our college has to be trailblazers in Experiential Place-based Learning. It helped me identify the things I was already doing right but more importantly it provided tons of feedback about how I can improve the things that aren't aiding my students' learning".  

Ambrose University College (2013 & 2014)

To promote connections between school and community and to make learning public and have an audience for student work, I created the ‘Boundary Object Project’ in my SCMP (Society and Culture: Methodologies and Practices) 500b education course where students are meant to produce work that serves others or solves a problem for others and results in crossing boundaries between Ambrose and the surrounding communities. To see my 2013 students speak about their understanding and experience, please view this youtube video:


Briercrest College (2003)

I designed a course that involved spending ten weeks paddling the 1600km long Mackenzie River with students from the Recreation Leadership BA program at Briercrest. We carried with us an 800lb. climbing wall (designed and built by students to fit into two canoes) and were a traveling summer camp – facilitating climbing and spending time with youth in each of the nine First Nations communities along the river.


Courses Taught (indicates # of times taught)


University of New Brunswick, 2022

·        Introduction to Workplace Learning (1) for 'Certificate in First Nations Leadership and Governance'

Coast Mountain College, 2016-2020

·        Distributed Learning: Navigating the Strange Lands of Pedagogy at a Distance (1)

·        Experiential Place-based Learning (3)

·        Delivery of Instruction (2)

·        Curriculum Development (1)


Confederation College, 2015

·        Adventure Expeditions (1)

·        Sustainable Tourism Development (1)


Ambrose University, Education Department, Assistant Professor, 2012-2014

·        Introduction to Curriculum Contexts: Learning and Learners (3)

·        Understanding and Applications of Curriculum Contexts: Teachers and Teaching (2)

·        Schools and Classrooms (1)


University of Calgary, Student Development Department, Sessional Instructor, 2012

·        Becoming an Effective Learner (1)


Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, 2012

·        Workplace Essential Skills Course (for adult Aboriginal students from Northern Saskatchewan, held at a fly-in                         uranium mine, taught week on, week off – when teaching, taught 70 hours/week to the same students for a total of             450 hours of instruction)


University of New Hampshire, Education & Kinesiology Departments, Instructor and Teaching Assistant, 2008-2011

·        Alternative Perspectives on the Nature of Education (2)

·        Adventure Programming: Water Based Experiences (1)


Briercrest College, Recreation Leadership Department, Instructor, 1999-2006

·        Recreation Leadership (8)

·        Recreation Leadership at Kaleo (Vancouver Island) (3)

·        Risk Management (3)

·        Introduction to Recreation (2)

·        Foundations of Outdoor Adventure (4)

·        Physical Activities and Wellness (2)

·        Environmental Ethics (3)

·        Natural History and Interpretation (2)

·        Adventure Business (2)

·        Expedition Management (3)

·        Outdoor Skills & Theory I (2)

·        Outdoor Skills & Theory II (1)

·        Programming (6)

·        Native Studies (2)

·        Internship (5)


Refereed Journal Publications

  1. Nolan, C. (2022). “What the yurt: Round Teaching and Architecture as Pedagogy”. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 33(3).

  2. Nolan, C. & S. Stitzlein. (2016). "Martin Buber’s I-Thou Perspective as an Alternative Approach to Antibullying Efforts. A Response to 'Exploring Prosocial Behavior through Structured Philosophical Dialogue: A Quantitative Evaluation'". Democracy and Education. 24(1).

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  4. Burke, J., Nolan, C. & A. Rheingold. (2016). “Nel Noddings’ Care Theory and Outdoor Education”. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership. 4(1).

  5. Nolan, C. & S. Stitzlein. (2011). “Meaningful hope for Teachers in Times of High Anxiety and Low Morale”. Democracy and Education. 19(1).


Submitted Papers

  1. Nolan, C. “The Classroom CARE Model: Fostering Educative Encounters in Higher Education". Educational Studies.


Book Chapters

  1. Stitzlein, S. & C. Nolan (2012) “Chapter 7: Grounding Dissent in Hope” in Stitzlein, S. Teaching for Dissent: Citizenship Education and Political Activism. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.


Refereed Book Reviews

  1. Nolan, C. (2011) “One Woman’s Everest by T.A. Loffler.” The Journal of Experiential Education. 34(1) 96-97.

  2. Nolan, C. (2009). “Critical lessons: What our schools should teach by Nel Noddings.” Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning. 9(1) 93-94.


Non-Refereed Publications

  1. Nolan, C. 2019. "Round Teaching: How Shapes Shape Learning". Published on BCcampus News, accessible online at

  2. Nolan, C. 2019. "Being a Teaching Fellow". Published on BCcampus News, accessible online at

  3. Nolan, C. & M. Martens. “Many Waters: A Cross-Canada Canoe Odyssey” (expected publication, July 2023).

  4. Nolan, C. & M. Martens. (2005). “To Be Blessed” in Rendezvous with the Wild, edited by James Raffan.


Refereed Conference Presentations

  1. Nolan, C., J. Peters, A. Mathis, C. Vasquez, V. Toki and D. Richard. "Soul Shines on Deck: Faithfulness to your Gifts and Growth as Leaders". College and Institutes Canada. Halifax, NS. April 2022.

  2. Nolan, C. and J. Peters. "Community, Curiosity and Creativity: Perspective on Craft and Design Education from a Deweyan Lens". John Dewey Society. Burlington, Vermont. Delayed due to Covid.

  3. Nolan, C. and R. Hilperts. “Bacon Grease and Buoy Clinging: Adventures in Affording Students the Dignity of Their Own Suffering.” BCcampus Learning Symposium. Terrace, BC. 2019.

  4. Nolan, C., Roy W. and B. Neid. “They Snooze, They Lose: Wake Up Your Students with Active Engagement in the Classroom.” BCcampus Learning Symposium. Terrace, BC. 2019.

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  18. Nolan, C. “Reconciliation and Experiential Education.” Association of Experiential Education’s (AEE) Northeast Regional Conference. New Hampshire. 2007.


Non-Refereed Conference Presentations

  1. Nolan, C.  Invited participant for the "WIL Perspectives Panel." Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon. Victoria, BC. 2019.

  2. Nolan, C. “Water Trail Development.” Trailhead North Trail Symposium. Thunder Bay, ON. April 2015.

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Awards, Honours & Recognition

  • Chosen for provincial Emerging Executive Program, New Brunswick, 2021-22

  • Recipient of BC Campus Teaching Fellowship 2018, $8K.

  • Won 'Most Inspirational Film' in Waterwalker Film Festival 2016 for Path of the Paddle Water Trail film:

  • Named a ‘Kickass Canadian’ in 2012 for contributions towards raising awareness of Canada’s waterways,

  • Critics’ Choice Award 2012; American Educational Studies Association for book ‘ in which I co-wrote Chapter 7 ‘

  • Outstanding Paper of the Year 2010; University of New Hampshire (UNH) School of Education

  • Outstanding Experiential Educator of the Year 2007; Awarded by the Association of Experiential Education (AEE)

  • Recipient of Full Tuition Graduate Scholarship 2007; UNH Graduate School

  • Recognized by Government of Canada for Outstanding Achievement in being part of first women team (myself and Martha Martens) to paddle sea to sea across Canada.

  • Recipient of two Expedition Grants (2000/01, $1500 each); Royal Canadian Geographic Society


Professional Organizations and Service

NBCC Foundation

  • Trustee, 2020-Present

Journal Paper Reviewer

  • Democracy and Education (2011-present)

  • Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership (2011-present)

  • Educational Studies (2013-present)

  • Journal of Experiential Education (2007-present)


  • Teaching & Learning Symposium Chair, 2019

  • Proposal Reviewer, 2018 & 2019

Association of Experiential Education

  • Past Chair, Canadian Affiliation Group

  • Conference Proposal Reviewer, 2011-present


Quetico Foundation

  • Education Lead, Executive Committee, 2016

  • Trustee, 2015


Philosophy of Education Society

  • Conference 2014 Program Committee

Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

  • Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, 2007-2008


Professional and Staff Trainings

  • NBCCD, Fredericton, NB:

    • Google Classrooms Beginner & Advanced. Jan. 2020

    • Navigating Learning in Cohorts. Jan. 2020

    • Strategic Planning (5 sessions). Jan. 2020-Present

    • Creating a Climate of Care. Aug. 2021

    • Truth and Reparation. Sept. 2021

  • Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC. “Experiential Place-based Learning”. Upcoming.

  • BCcampus, Terrace, BC. “Liberating Structures”. Co-facilitated with Tracy Roberts. Oct. 2019

  • Coast Mountain College, Terrace, BC:

    • “Indigenization” with Bridie O’Brien & Ali MacDougall. Management Retreat. Oct. 2019.

    • “Be Bacon”. Plenary Session. Galts’ap (Community) Day. August 2019 for all employees

    • “10 Tips on Public Speaking”. Galts’ap Day. August 2019

    • "Paddles & Pedagogy: Experiential Place-based Learning". Galts'ap Day. August 2018

    • “Community of Practice: What the Best College Teachers Do” sessions (8). For Faculty. 2018

    • “Yurt Cohort” sessions (4). For Faculty teaching in yurt. 2018

    • “Paddles & Pedagogy”. For Collaborative Administration Team. April 2018

    • "Experiential Leadership". For Collaborative Administration Team. Oct. 2017

    • “Making the Most of the First Day of Class". Galts'ap Day, August 2017

    • "Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom". Galts'ap Day, August 2017

    • "Strategic Planning". For NWCC's Foundation Board of Directors. August 2017

    • "Experiential Education in the College Context". For Deans. July 2017

    • "Experiential Place-based Learning". For College Administration Team. June 2017

    • Facilitated "Teaching Circles" and "New Instructor Orientation" for Business Administration & Management Programs. 2017

    • "Community of Practice: Courage to Teach" sessions (7). For Faculty. 2017

    • "Professional Development Day" For Smithers campus faculty and staff. May 2017

    • "Fostering a Positive Classroom Culture". For College and Career Prep Instructors. Dec. 2016

  • World University Services Canada, Calgary, AB. Facilitated workshop on Gender Equity in Education in Afghanistan for delegates from the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan as part of a Short Term Training in regards to Teacher Education Certification. October 2013.

  • Muriel Clayton Middle School, Airdrie, AB.Facilitated workshop on “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone in terms of Student Engagement” for 50 teachers and staff as part of their Professional Learning Day. April 2013

  • Crossfield Elementary School, Crossfield, AB. Facilitate Professional Learning Session on Collaboration for 25 teachers and administrators. April 2013

  • Chiila Elementary School, Tsuu T’ina First Nations, AB. Facilitated workshop on “Using your resources wisely”, at Rite of Passage weekend for 18 grade 5&6 girls, March 2013.

  • Touchwood Tribal Agency (Carlton Regional Trail College), George Gordon First Nation, SK. “Transitions: Adjusting to Camp Life and Home Life when Working at a Mine” for 12 participants, March 2013.

  • Touchwood Tribal Agency (Carlton Regional when Working at a Mine” for 12 participants, March 2013.

  • North Cohort Meeting, Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (teacher representatives). Airdrie, AB. Facilitated Comfort Zone activity for 25+ teachers and administrators. Feb. 2013.

  • West Cohort Meeting, Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (teacher representatives). Cochrane, AB. Facilitated Comfort Zone activity for 35+ teachers and administrators.

  • A.E. Bowers Elementary School, Airdrie, AB. Facilitated workshop on “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone in terms of Student Engagement” for 15 teachers and staff as part of their Professional Learning Day. Feb. 2013

  • Nolan, C. & B. Pollock. “Encountering Nature: The Outdoor Classroom”. Parry Sound, ON. 2011.

  • Nolan, C. “Risk Management in the Field for Guides.” . Parry Sound, ON. 2006.


Academic & Administrative Committees


New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

  • Senior Management Team, 2020-Present

  • EDI Taskforce, 2020

  • Strategic Taskforce, 2021

  • Council on Articulations and Transfers New Brunswick, 2020-Present


Coast Mountain College

  • President’s Cabinet, 2019-2020

  • College Administration Team (CAT), 2016-2020

  • Learning Space Committee, Chair, 2017-2020

  • Academic Appeals Committee, Chair, 2018-2020

  • Staff Improvement Committee (SIC), 2019-2020

  • Program Review Committee

    • Geosciences

    • Applied Coastal Ecology

    • Business

  • BC Teaching & Learning Council, 2016-2020

  • Education Council, 2016-2020

  • Education Management Council, 2016-2020

  • Pathways to Truth and Reconciliation Committee, 2018

  • Education Policy Committee, 2017-2018

  • Aboriginal, Course, Program Articulation & Curriculum Committee, 2016-2020

  • Galts'ap (Community) Day Committee, Member (2017), Chair (2018 & 2019)

  • Hiring Committees

    • Learning Technologist, 2018 & 2019 (Chair)

    • Administrative Assistant, 2018 (Chair)

    • Director of Applied Research, Libraries and Emerging Technology, 2018

    • Universal Design of Learning Specialist, 2018 (Chair)

    • Learning Transformation Specialist, 2017, 2019 (Chair)


Ambrose University College

  • General Faculty Council, 2012-2014

  • Arts & Science Faculty Council, 2012-2014

  • Academic Affairs Committee, 2013-2014

  • Teaching & Learning Committee, 2013-2014

  • Education Student Society (Alberta Teachers’ Association Student Local), 2012-2014

  • Travel Study Committee (Risk Management Consultant), 2013-2014

  • New Faculty Collegiality Group (Founder & Organizer), 2012-2014

  • Faculty ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions on ‘Courage to Teach’ by Parker Palmer (Founder & Organizer), 2013-2014

  • Hiring Committees

    • Director of Education Program Search, 2013


Briercrest College

  • Academic Affairs Committee, 2005-2006

  • Program Review Committee (Recreation Leadership Program), 2005-2006

  • Faculty Council, 2001-2006


Consultation Work

  • Alberta Initiative for School Improvement Action Research Project – Serving as University Partner, 2012-2013. This involved university partners meetings, school district cohort meetings, facilitating discussions on action research and working with a teacher to digitally document and share narrative of strong student engagement in her classroom.

  • UNESCO’s Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.

References available upon request.

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